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Auto Insurance in Bensalem, PA

Being An Independent Agency Has It's Benefits!

Our insurance agency in Bensalem, PA will help find the right plan for auto insurance in Bensalem Township, PA, and the srrounding areas.

As an independent agency, we can compare all the companies we represent to ensure that you get the very best value for your automobile insurance dollar. Some of the auto insurance firms we represent include:


The Hartford



Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

If I have multiple vehicles, should I insure them all with the same company?
Yes! Many insurers offer multi-car discounts which encourage families or  groups to have a single policy to cover all vehicles. Often, substantial savings can be realized, too.
Do The Safety Features Of My New Car Influence My Insurance Rate?
Yes! Anti-lock braking systems, anti-theft systems, multiple air-bags...and even your car's safety rating by the National Institute for Highway Safety can make a decided difference in your rates. Also, selecting a "high performance" model of your car can also affect your rates.
What Can I Do to Help Lower My Auto Insurance Costs?
First, shop around.  We'll compare all of the companies we represent for you so you can get the very best value.

Second, while raising your deductibles can expose you to a bit of risk, it can also lower your premiums. Your premiums can be affected as much as 40% by raising your deductibles.

On an older car, you can often delete your collision coverage for a substantial savings.

Low mileage discounts are also often available for customers or vehicles that are driven infrequently.

While making installment payments may be convenient, they also can cost a few dollars if it's possible to pay your entire premium's another way to save.

Finally, combine your auto and home policies with the same company. Often, insurers will offer a discount if all your business is with one firm.
What If I Add Special Equipment To My Car?
Depending on the equipment added, like a new stereo system, you may want to purchase additional coverage. Typically, an auto insurance policy only covers factory installed equipment and options.

Ride Share Drivers

Most drivers simply don’t know that they aren’t completely covered.

If you drive for, or are considering driving for Lyft or Uber…you need to take some precautions to ensure that you are protected from liability.

Most auto policies don’t cover business use of a personal vehicle. While Uber and Lyft do offer some responsibility, insurance firms are now offering insurance to fill the void between a personal automobile policy and the coverage you’d receive from Uber or Lyft.

In some cases, the insurance offered by the ride share firm doesn’t cover damage to the driver’s vehicle or the driver’s injuries.

There’s good news! The National Insurance Agency represents companies in Pennsylvania that offer insurance policies for Uber, Lyft, and other ride share drivers.

We welcome your phone call or email for more information about policies that can help limit your liability if you drive for Lyft or Uber. Never any obligation, of course